Chris cagle chris cagle - Cagle announces wave of support in Southeast Georgia.

In addition to Watson, Cagle gained the endorsements of Sens. Jack Hill of Reidsville, Ellis Black of Valdosta, Jesse Stone of Waynesboro, and former Sens. Greg Goggans of Douglas and Tim Golden of Valdosta. Cagle is also earning the support of former Congressman Lindsay Thomas and state Rep. Ron Stephens of Savannah.

He explains how fascists in the 1920s and '30s would "bait the left" and "then the left would come and [they would] have street fights." That, he says, "strengthens the state" because the state is then pressured to intervene and crack down on violence.

The six-member joint committee was populated by House Speaker David Ralston and Cagle, who presides over the Senate as lieutenant governor. From Friday’s AJC article:

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